97%* of Customers Say They Would Recommend Jedox to Other Organizations

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Jedox corporate performance management software maintains a perfect recommend score** from customers thanks to its ease of deployment, ease of use and fast time to value.

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Fast Start

Building powerful applications for planning, analytics, and reporting is fast and simple with Jedox. Intuitive data-driven modeling and smart data interfaces enable rapid prototyping and speed up solution implementation. The Jedox Integrator tool automatically connects all relevant data sources and files into your model.

Self-Service Solution Design

Jedox is designed for business users in finance, sales, human resources, and other departments. Most customers take over full control of their solution right after the first project. They extend and grow their enterprise performance management system with minimal support from IT or external consultants. If your company prefers a turn-key solution, Jedox also provides full-service consulting support and managed applications.

Adding more users, topics, and departments to your Jedox corporate performance management platform is easy. Whether you have tens or thousands of users, high availability and calculation speed is guaranteed thanks to the in-memory database and GPU-powered technology.

Agile Implementation

Software deployment with Jedox is agile and flexible. Leverage your Excel expertise to build custom applications – with no software coding skills required. To ensure a great customer experience, Jedox guides you from the initial prototype to the deployment of a full-fledged corporate performance management solution.

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**Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

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