Enterprise Data Governance

More Security for your Enterprise Performance Management Platform

Self-Service with Strong Governance

Jedox believes in self-service budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting to enable faster insights and agile Performance Management. Self-service empowers business users to create new analytics and reports quickly and gain real-time insights – without support from the IT department or external consultants. At the same time, companies need to securely manage access to sensitive information and ensure that only valid data is used for decision-making. That’s why Jedox combines self-service with strong data governance tools.

central control over your data compressed

Safeguard your Enterprise Performance Management Platform

Jedox provides data governance at the most granular level – down to a single cell in the database. It also comes with a role-based access and rights management system with event-driven user interactions. You can define a guided data exploration path or let users discover the data and gain insights on their own.
Jedox offers licenses for different user types: Power Users design planning applications, Planners enter planning data and write information to the database, and Casual Users check out the latest KPIs and create their own analytics and reports.

All user interactions and modifications in the database are logged for auditing purposes. A sophisticated workflow designer for multi-level approval workflows is included to model your specific business processes. Jedox also supports Single-Sign-On for a smooth user experience across your software system landscape.

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