(Jedox topped 12 categories in this year’s BARC Planning Survey. Our new 12-part blog series tells you why “Business Benefits”, “Ease of Use” or “Implementation support” should be on your check list when choosing business software. 9th category: Vendor Support)

Vendor Support and Software Selection

A recent post on Iconshots underscored the importance of solid vendor support in software selection: “Professional, comprehensive, and reliable support is a very important part of your purchasing decision. It may be of more importance in the early stages as you become familiarized with a new software package, but even further down the line support is likely to be vital.”

Six Aspects to Consider

The blog, which focuses on visualization software, provides a useful checklist of what to consider when assessing any software vendor support:

    • Before you buy: A vendor’s quality of service can often be demonstrated during the purchasing process when you’re evaluating software packages. Does the vendor offer the chance to “test drive” their software in a no-obligation, supported phase?
    • Support levels: Vendors should offer a selection of support options so you can select the one that is most appropriate for your requirements.
    • The basics to look for:
        • Is there a help desk?
        • How often is it manned?
        • Is there a 24-hour option?
        • Are there costs applied to some or all of the levels of support?
        • Does support include advice and help on how to get the best out of the system?
        • Are there limits to how many support requests can be made?
        • Is there disaster recovery assistance?
      • Upgrades: Establish how upgrades and interim patches are handled. Is there free support and training when a significant patch or upgrade is released?


    • References: Seeking existing user references. The vendor may offer some, which is fine; but keep in mind the vendor knows they are fully satisfied with the product. If possible, do your own research on existing users.
    • Communications: How does the vendor communicate with you when it comes to support? Ideally, there should be various options to suit you such as email, phone, and live chat.

How Jedox Supports

The Jedox Support Center secures the performance of the Jedox system around the clock, assuring seamless operation and quality. Our support is personal, professional, responsive, and provides always-qualified advice.

Jedox’s global team of dedicated experts responds to requests quickly and transparently. The moment a user logs a support query in the Jedox Online Support Portal, he or she can view the inquiry’s status and a complete overview of active and resolved support cases. Registration is simple. Simply e-mail support.login@jedox.com with the company name in the subject header.

Reliable. Trusted. Responsive.

The extensive Jedox Knowledge Base is the first place to search for technical and functional queries. In one place, it is easy to access detailed technical manuals and documentation, along with extensive training tips and educational resources from the Jedox Academy.

What’s more, we are committed to keeping Jedox’s solutions and services ahead of the industry curve. Our users participate in the future Jedox roadmap with our feature-voting tool that enables communication of personal requests, voting on new software functions, and the ability to collaborate on tomorrow’s product features. User feedback is invaluable in maintaining Jedox’s reputation for customer satisfaction and innovation.

What Users Are Saying about Support

For those involved in business intelligence software selection, among the most important resources are the independent assessments done by the Business Application Research Center (BARC). BARC just released its 2016 Planning Survey, the world’s largest survey of planning software users.

Among those using development-oriented planning solutions (i.e., solutions that allow customers to implement totally individual planning requirements), Jedox ranked number one in terms of vendor support, scoring 8.9 and therefore higher than the peer group average (4.7) in that sector. Here is BARC’s viewpoint on Jedox’s top-ranking performance in this category:

Both the vendor and its partners offer a great level of support, according to customers. Jedox seems to build good relationships with its […] customers and they like the service they receive. The vendor provides telephone and Web support as well as remote and on-site support. Moreover, there is a knowledge base and online help accessible through the company Web site with product manuals and documentation, as well as the so-called Jedox Academy training service.”
(Source: BARC THE Planning Survey 16)

“Dear Jedox team, many thanks for your excellent support – and the brilliant idea to develop Jedox in the first place.” – Tobias Berens, Head of Finance & Logistics, Terrasana Life

To learn more about the Jedox Support, go to our Knowledge Base. To download the complete summary of Jedox in the BARC study at no cost, you can go here.