Although Excel is a great tool which offers numerous features that provide a lot of functionality, it still has budgeting, planning, and forecasting limitations that deny users the growth and capabilities now available to finance professionals.

Jedox understands that finance professionals will continue using Excel for planning and budgeting and has created the ideal platform to facilitate this. What makes it ideal is you keep using Excel while eliminating obstacles such as spreadsheet risk and data discrepancy. With our unique Excel connector, while you are working on a spreadsheet, the power of Jedox runs seamlessly in the background.  

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“Jedox has eliminated the error-prone and time-consuming process of combining various Excel tables. Now we can focus on analyzing the key areas of our business.” – Dennis P. Reilly, Vice President of Finance, The NeoStrata Company, Inc.

Planning in Excel: How to Make it Better

Also check out our 2-part blog series on planning in Excel. The first in the series focuses on data integration and how to enhance planning and budgeting functionality in Excel. The second post takes a closer look at the three core areas where organizations of all sizes and industries can enhance their Excel experience and propel their budgeting, planning and forecasting into the future.

Infographic: Enhance Your Excel Experience

Infographic Enhance Excel

“Because we use Jedox from Excel, we can easily and efficiently do history comparisons and variance analysis. We depend on Jedox.” – Mercedes-Benz