The Jedox Global Kickoff 2020 signals the start of a new year, new opportunities, renewed goals, and one of our most impressive product updates in recent years. We recently kicked off 2020 globally with our partners, customers, and colleagues with a renewed and refreshed approach to our motto, “One Team.”

Kickoff 2020: Global launch as #OneTeam

Our EMEA and US teams kicked off in January and our APAC team will kickoff in February. Across two days, we hosted exciting workshops, discussion roundtables, presentations, and networking opportunities for over 150 guests across multiple regions. For the first time ever, the second day was dedicated to our many valued partners. In unique breakout sessions, we exchanged ideas on how to strengthen partnerships and support further success in 2020. Topics ranged from pre-sale strategies to planning, marketing, and legal. In the USA, we featured unique models powered by the Jedox solution created and being used by our partners.

From Vision to Mission

Florian Winterstein, Jedox CEO, summed up the Jedox 2020 vision with our mission statement: “Our mission is to optimize value creation through leading-edge EPM solutions, helping organizations outperform their competition, enabling people to effectively collaborate in an increasingly fast-moving world.”

In our continued focus on excellence, the complete user experience of the Jedox solution has been updated for a very exciting 2020 release coming soon. A key driving force behind the Jedox 2020 Vision is a continual strategic focus on agile cloud solutions to support organizations in being able to quickly adapt to the fast-changing demands of business with flexibility to meet the challenges of the Digital Transformation era.

The Jedox Ecosystem

With 2,500 customers and 250 global partners, Jedox has built a vibrant and active ecosystem to exchange knowledge for mutual benefit. On the Jedox Marketplace, connectors for popular enterprise software such as ERP and CRM systems are available for seamless integration of the Jedox Solution into the customer IT landscape. Pre-built solutions for enterprise planning and performance management ensure a fast ROI and the Jedox solution provides an unrivaled degree of flexibility for custom application design.

Partnering with Global Technology Leaders

Representing leading global providers in cloud and CRM, Microsoft and Salesforce highlighted their solutions as Jedox partners. With the Microsoft Azure platform and the Salesforce platform, Jedox is proud to work with these and all of our global partners to meet the needs of the Digital Age. We are excited and look forward to a successful new year and wish our partners and customers around the world continued growth and success!

EMEA Kickoff guests

The first event of the Global Kickoff was held near our headquarters in Freiburg, Germany with our EMEA team in a historical building.

Impressions from our Kickoff events: