Our Jedox 2020.4 release blog series provides key highlights of the new Jedox version 2020.4, available from 25 November 2020. In this post, we’ll look at the new features and performance enhancements in the popular Jedox Excel Add-in.

Most organizations have realized that they can no longer address rapid changes and the need for faster insights with spreadsheets and manual processes. However, when companies digitize their processes and introduce modern solutions to master enterprise-wide planning and analytics challenges, it’s important that the solution is accessible for all users. Utilizing familiar user interfaces and existing employee knowledge and skillsets helps to drive faster adoption of new solutions. Since Excel spreadsheets are still one of the most common tools among finance and business users for flexible data analytics, Jedox believes Microsoft Excel needs to be an integral part of any modern financial planning & analysis (FP&A) or extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) solution.

Jedox offers an ideal solution to help organizations put the advantages of Excel to work for them while mitigating the disadvantages with central data management, secure user access and workflows for collaboration. In addition to a modern web experience and a mobile app, customers around the world tell us they love Jedox because of the tightly integrated Add-in for planning, forecasting, and reporting in Microsoft Excel. As one customer describes it: “It gives us powerful results for forecasting and target setting. Because we use Jedox in Excel, we can easily and efficiently do history comparisons and variance analysis.” We are especially proud to announce game-changing new features for the beloved Jedox Excel Add-in available with Jedox 2020.4.

New Lists and Paste View Experience for Jedox Excel Add-in (In Preview)

Enhance flexibility and ease of use for ad-hoc reporting

Increase analytics flexibility in Jedox Excel Add-in Version 2020.4 with the new Paste View dialogue and dramatically increase the ease of ad-hoc reporting. The new Lists object in the Paste View dialogue allows you to define ANY combination of elements from one or multiple dimensions – including variables – to create your View. The List View stays dynamic and reacts when changes are applied to the View header. Further improvements to the ease-of-use of the dialogue such as “multi-select” or “select all” enhance the comfort for the user. Customers can switch to the new Paste View dialogue by clicking the “in preview” option in Jedox 2020.4.

This means, the same web-based Paste View dialogue is now available for Jedox Web and Excel Add-in creating a harmonized experience. Through 2021, both the new and the old dialogues will still be available allowing users a smooth transition.

Flexible Adhoc Reporting With New Lists And Paste View

Flexible adhoc reporting with new Lists and Paste View

Faster Connections

Provide a great user experience and even more performance

The sheer volume of data continues to grow. Jedox strives to ensure an excellent user experience and performance of the Excel Add-in, even when queries contain very large amounts of data. For example, customers may opt to expand their solution to include operational planning applications for more business functions. Version 2020.4 of the Jedox Excel Add-in enables faster initial server connections, maximum stability for connections with SAML authentication and improved performance in ad-hoc reporting. The Excel Add-in provides consistently fast response times when opening and using the “Paste View” dialog, regardless of the size of the customer database.

For further details on the Excel Add-in in Jedox 2020.4 and for an overview of all new features and functions, visit the Release Notes 2020.4 page in the Jedox Knowledge Base.