Jedox 2020.2 helps users save time in corporate reporting with new customizable themes that can be shared with all users for instant View formatting. This is the third post in our series bringing you a comprehensive overview of the new features enhancing the experience of Jedox 2020.2.

Jedox Theme Editor

Create and edit corporate report themes for all your Views

Jedox Themes are pre-defined report formats and designs that can be applied to any ad-hoc or stored Jedox View dynamically making it much faster and easier to create reports in a standard format. Jedox provides a selection of standard Themes for users to choose from.

Jedox 2020.2 also enables users to modify Themes and create their own corporate report design.  With the new Jedox Theme Editor you can customize each element of the Theme and set dynamic formats such as expending or contracting elements, base, root or consolidated elements.  These custom Themes can be applied automatically to all Views or a selection of Views.

Jedox 2020 2 Custom Themes For Reports

You can make your corporate theme available to all users in your organization and they can apply them to their own ad hoc and stored Views instantly. If you update or change the corporate theme, the new formats are automatically propagated to all Views using that theme.

Applying themes to Views in Jedox Excel Add-in

With Jedox Version 2020.2, you can also utilize themes in Jedox Excel Add-in displaying stored Views or applying corporate themes to new Views created with the Add-in.

Jedox provides a consistent experience for themes across Excel Desktop and Web making it easy for users to manage themes centrally regardless of the user interface.

For a full description of all new features and updates see the 2020.2 Release Notes in the Jedox Knowledge Base. The latest Jedox version is available for testing as a cloud trial version from the Jedox website. Start your free trial today.