Jedox 2020.2 brings new capabilities for Jedox administrators to simplify user management and task scheduling. New design tools enable admins to customize Jedox login pages with their own corporate design elements. This is the second post in our series bringing you a comprehensive overview of the new features enhancing the experience of Jedox 2020.2.

Last Login and Creation Time

Shows the date of the last user login and creation in the local time zone

The date when users were created, and the time of their last login are quickly visible in Jedox Version 2020.2. Times are displayed in the administrator’s local time zone referencing the browser setting. This simplifies access control and security checks while dates and times are also centrally stored in UTC format in the Jedox database.

User management, sort and search

Quickly find what you are looking for when managing multiple users, groups, or roles

Administrators now find all user management settings on a single page and can quickly sort by fields, select multiple users and toggle between active and inactive users or users assigned to different groups. You can also easily search user groups and roles across all fields. Start to type and you will immediately see the search suggestions.

Jedox 2020 2 User Management

Task Scheduler

Simplified access to task parameters

With Jedox 2020.2, the access to task details and parameters in Jedox Scheduler is even faster thanks to a simplified user interface.

Read more in Jedox Knowledgebase

Customizable login page

Design user login pages that match your corporate brand identity

Jedox power users can define images and logos shown on the Jedox login screen as well as the icon that is displayed inside the Jedox web application for end-users. You can upload pictures in SVG or PNG format. SVG images will scale automatically ensuring a high quality image display.

Jedox 2020 2 Customize Login Page

Read more in the Jedox Knowledgebase

See the  Release Notes 2020.2  in Jedox Knowledge Base for a complete description of all new features and updates. The latest Jedox version is available for testing as a Cloud trial version on our website. Start your free trial today.