Jedox 2020.2 increases flexibility for data visualization by adding new chart data sources. This blog post is the first in our new series bringing you a comprehensive overview of the new features available on Jedox 2020.2.

Ad hoc & Stored Views as Data Sources for Charts

More flexibility and larger data sets for Jedox charts and visualizations

A Jedox View is an ad hoc report of live data that users can create quickly with a few clicks. They can be stored as “private” Views or shared as “public” Views with others across the organization.

With Jedox 2020.2 ad-hoc Views and stored Views can become data sources for charts and visualizations. In report designer, simply select the source type “View” and find the name of the stored “View” in the drop-down list or create a new ad hoc “View” on the fly and apply it to your chart.

Charts can also directly reference Jedox Views that are pasted in a worksheet. You can display charts together with a View in the same worksheet.

2020.2 Data Source For Charts

More Chart Data Sources

In Jedox 2020.2 you can also define relational data sources or a standard range in a worksheet for your visualizations. All of these new options for chart data sources offer increased flexibility for Jedox visualizations and allow you to attach large datasets to a chart.

Read more about Dynamic Charts in the Jedox Knowledge Base.

For a full description of all new features and updates see the 2020.2 Release Notes in the Jedox Knowledge Base. The latest Jedox version is available for testing as a cloud trial version from the Jedox website. Start your free trial today.