Highlights of Jedox 2020.1

The first release of 2020 marks the roll-out of a new Jedox User Experience for planners and application designers, raising the bar for collaborative business planning and productivity in FP&A.

Users can interact with the Jedox platform in completely new ways, turning real-time “views” into formatted reports in minutes and leveraging Excel-based planning. Jedox 2020.1 also includes the new AIssisted™ Planning Model, which makes it easy for business users to utilize machine-generated predictions. In addition, connectivity to third-party BI system Tableau, owned by Salesforce, has been enhanced.

Experience the new Jedox: A UI refresh for Jedox Web and new Start pages for planners and application designers

Jedox 2020.1 features a major refresh of the Jedox user interface and user experience. The entire platform has been updated to simplify planning for end-users even further and increase productivity in application design for power-users.

The new Jedox experience for end-users drives adoption and engagement with a modern UI, clear, accessible content, admin-defined banner messages at login, and a customizable Start page. The end-user Start page is designed to easily navigate the content delivered by the Jedox power-user or administrator. Brand-new features also include the ability to pin favorites and quickly view Models and recent reports.

The new navigation, color scheme, styling, icons, and user interface create a fresh power-user experience, centered around application design and administration. Quick access, better usability, and faster success: The Start page lets power-users define ‘designer’ actions such as creating users, groups, reports, Models, and more with one click. The layout is customizable, including recent items, pinned items, and direct access to installed Models. Power-users can also directly contact Jedox Support, review the latest Release Notes, and open the Jedox Knowledge Base.

New Start Page For End Users in Jedox 2020

The new starting page for end-users in Jedox 2020.


New Start Page For Power Users in Jedox 2020.

The new starting page for power-users in Jedox 2020.

Keep an overview: new summary cards and alphabetic ordering

As part of the user experience updates there are brand-new ways to interact with the platform. Components such as Modeler, Integrator, Scheduler, Models, and Administration now display content organized as “cards”, which provide summary information (such as numbers of dimensions and cubes) and enable one-click actions to perform common tasks, such as opening dimensions or running database scripts.

Jedox 2020 also provides alphabetic ordering of most objects in Jedox Web. Databases, cubes, dimensions, and subsets can now be ordered alphabetically or by creation date.

Turn “Views” into reports in minutes: dynamic views, themes, and formats

Jedox 2020.1 applies a new layout for Views seamlessly across all Jedox frontends: Jedox Excel Add-in, Jedox Web, and Jedox Mobile. Views now have a title and subtitle area along with a new view layout to empower any user to create spreadsheet-based reports more quickly. Users can toggle the report title (which is the View name), subtitle (the selected header for the view), and the header selectors on and off. This feature provides a great deal of flexibility for formatting views and a highly agile way of standard reporting.

In Modeler power users can now define element formats (styles and number formats) for specific elements. For example, a certain measure could be formatted with percentage number formatting. It is then easy for all users to retrieve and automatically apply these formats in Views, and in custom reports.

New Jedox Themes (in preview for 2020.1) enable report builders to create standard themes to format their Views in a consistent way. These report themes can be shared with end users for self-sufficient, standard reporting. Jedox 2020.1 includes a variety of Jedox themes to choose from. In future versions, Jedox users will be able to create their own report themes.

New View Layout Jedox 2020

New view layout in Jedox 2020.

Excel-based planning: new Excel Planner Add-in

A much-requested feature from the Jedox community has been a simplified Jedox planner ribbon (add-in) for Microsoft Excel. The new Excel Planner Add-in offers an easy-to-use planning interface for Excel Desktop that focuses on data analysis, planning, and report authoring without confusing end users with advanced components like Modeler, Data-driven Modelling, web publishing, and importing.

Also new in Jedox Excel Add-in: Views can now be grouped by instance or cube, making it easier to navigate and find a View. Grouping can be turned on or off by a new flag in the User Options menu in Jedox Excel Add-in.

New Jedox Excel Planner Add In in Jedox 2020

New Jedox Excel Planner Add-in for Jedox 2020.

Design reports faster: pick and reuse colors, hide titles

The new color picker makes color definition in Jedox Reports and Views smoother and more flexible. Jedox Designer (formerly Report Designer) now retains the last-used colors by users even after the session is closed. This feature speeds up report design, especially in reports that contain many custom colors and are developed over multiple sessions.

Users can now hide the title bar in reports with a new system key “static_window_mode”. This feature makes the presentation of reports cleaner and helps focus attention on the content of the report.

Gain new insights step-by-step: AIssisted™ Planning Model with “wizards”

The new AIssissted™ Planning Model in Jedox Marketplace includes two pre-built, step-by-step wizards for intelligent predictions that can be added to any new or existing Jedox application.

The AIssisted™ Time Series Prediction wizard generates and automates predictions for target measures based on time series data. The wizard uses predictive and new Machine Learning algorithms such as STL Model, STLF, Neural Network TAR, Cronston’s Method, detecting seasonality, trends, outliers, and more. It returns the best results, based on accuracy, from those predictions.

The AIssisted™ Driver-Based Prediction wizard automates predictions and scenario analysis with multiple drivers affecting a target measure, applying an optional shift for delayed impact. The wizard utilizes several regression algorithms, including Linear Model, Random Forest, Extra Trees, support Vector Machines, and more, detecting correlations, target significance, and more. It generates best predictions and enables scenario planning.

New AIssissted Planning Wizards in Jedox 2020.

New AIssissted Planning Wizards in Jedox 2020.

Connect to Tableau: enhanced connectivity to latest versions of Tableau Server

Jedox 2020.1 enables connectivity to Tableau versions 10.5 or higher. Jedox can now connect to Tableau’s .hyper file format using a write-only connector, and can load data directly from Jedox into Tableau. Existing Tableau connections in Jedox will be automatically migrated to this new connector.


There are many more features and updates. See the Jedox 2020.1 Release Notes in the Jedox Knowledge Base for a full list of features. The latest Jedox Cloud version is available now for testing as a trial from the Jedox website. Start your free Cloud trial today.