IFCO Systems, a global company with customers in over 50 countries, has been using Jedox for years. With the flexibility of the Jedox solution, the company is now able to execute planning, reporting and analysis to meet their unique needs. Learn more about how they develop their own applications with the power and flexibility of Jedox.

Scoring points with logistics know-how

IFCO Systems is the world’s leading supplier of reusable packaging solutions for fresh products. Their service-oriented business model requires a great deal of logistics know-how, as IFCO serves its customers’ supply chains with unique, custom solutions.

Logistics management, contract management or detailed analyses of financial consolidation run in the globally available system environment on a central database. IFCO’s internal BI team develops individual applications completely independently and as needed, thus saving time and money when expanding the system.

Rapid growth requires a rapid solution

Due to the rapid growth of the company, the existing solutions were not able to support the increasing amounts of data sufficiently and efficiently. Therefore, the company decided to implement a powerful BI solution for faster and more flexible data analysis.

Jedox was the solution of choice after a market comparison. IFCO Systems chose Jedox for these key reasons:

  • User-friendly self-service environment
  • Flexibility for customized requirements
  • Excel proximity
  • Power to process large amounts of data

Effective contract management

Their success after the introduction of Jedox speaks for itself. The company is now in a position to:

  • Implement an individual logistics evaluation within a few days
  • Create an automated, daily updated logistics report

Thousands of Excel sheets have been replaced in their contract management processes. “Jedox’s self-service approach enables us to further develop our worldwide reporting platform internally. This enables us to quickly and flexibly cover new analysis requirements within the company,” says Philipp Wächter of IFCO.

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