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14 11, 2019

Enterprise Performance Management Software: Five Independent Market Studies with Real-world Customer Feedback

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In this blog, we sort through five independent studies and sources that collect detailed feedback from a large number of actual Enterprise Performance Management software users. These surveys show customer satisfaction with vendors and their products. 

7 11, 2019

What to consider when choosing financial consolidation software

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Manual financial consolidation is time consuming and labor intensive. With modern technology offering new digital solutions to automate complex processes, you can not only streamline your consolidation processes, but also accelerate them.

31 10, 2019

How a modern software solution facilitates financial consolidation

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Planning, budgeting and reporting isn't the only function in finance that can be automated and consequently simplified by software solutions. Financial consolidation can also be optimized with software solutions.

28 08, 2019

Unleash Faster Analysis And More Powerful Reporting with Jedox 2019.3

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Jedox 2019.3 is now available for testing. It gives report builders even more freedom to create customized visualizations and charts for impactful reporting and analytics. Again, the new version introduces “most wanted” features, suggested by Jedox users.

3 06, 2019

Jedox 2019.2 Release – A New Benchmark for Scalability and Performance

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For Jedox customers with a strong interest in scalability and performance, 2019.2 is one of our most exciting releases to date. It sets the benchmark for performance of large / complex models, as well as laying a strong foundation for our reporting evolution, Dynamic Views. Here are some highlights of the release. In-Memory Database: Enhanced Performance Everywhere Configurable Autosave We ...

27 02, 2019

Jedox 2019.1 Release – Take the Next Step Towards an Integrated EPM Software Platform

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Jedox 2019.1 is now available – Check out the New Features Jedox software helps create a single, consistent data foundation for financial planning and analysis as well as performance management across the organization. As part of its unified software platform, Jedox features powerful integration tools to connect seamlessly to data sources in the cloud and on-premises. Jedox brings together information from CRM, ERP, BI, and other systems in one modern Enterprise Performance Management platform.   ...