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Sales & Marketing Analytics at Your Fingertips (EN)

Jedox Webinar

What will you learn:

  • Instant Use – Sales analysis, review and forecast

  • Shorten planning cycles

  • Complete visibility with workflow

  • Consolidate and budget while improving compliance and control

  • Unified planning and analytics

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Transform Monthly Reporting Sharing One Version of the Truth

The challenge in any sales and marketing environment is to gain a clear understanding of what is working and what isn’t. This can be achieved if you are able to examine the business in detail by brand, product, region, outlet and a range of measures and to support your business decisions.

The answer is to find a balance of a system that is simple and straightforward to use that is also comprehensive enough to report on the detail needed in a clear, flexible and consistent manner.

Jedox achieves this by delivering insightful analytics at your fingertips using an Excel Plus paradigm that removes the need to copy and paste figures from multiple sources. From there results can be easily published across the business to mobile and browser users at the touch of a button and straight to executive dashboard:

Your Marketing team can transform monthly reporting sharing one version of the truth and report highlights product volumes and costs in real-time and improve accuracy..

  • Your Sales team can instantly use for customer and sales analysis, review and forecast from any mobile device, and shorten planning cycles.
  • Your executive team has complete visibility with workflow and beautiful visualisations through executive Dashboard.
  • Your Finance team leverages the familiarity of Excel to consolidate and budget while improving compliance and control.
  • Only Jedox provides unified planning and analytics so you can understand the past and plan the future in one place.

Jedox is highly flexible, rapid to implement so discover how you can quickly transform your corporate planning, marketing, production planning, and sales operations.

See why global leaders like BP, Bacardi, Mercedes, and Western Union use Jedox. Don’t be left behind.

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