VABISS is a privately owned IT solutions and services business formed in 2010. Today, our company owns the solid competence and facilities in order to implement, customize and support highly accessible and reliable technology solutions that lead business to sustainability and prosperity.


We are committed to create a tangible and sustainable value for our customers. We work with the best companies to bring innovative, sustainable and value adding solutions to you. We are committed to look beyond just delivering technology; we look at a total package of project management, optimal implementation, training, consultation and support. We are committed to adapt to the changing world, demand, trends and tools to bring the best to our clients.


  • No “nonsense”: Offer clients only fit-for-purpose solutions and leave out what is not relevant.
  • Exceed expectations: When working with a client never cut corners and go the extra mile when needed.
  • Efficient: Work efficiently and do not waste client’s time or financial resources!
  • Integrity: Do “the right thing” rather than “the easy thing” and behave ethically.
  • Excellence: Deliver the highest quality and keep performance bar raising continually.
  • Teamwork: Leverage the power of collective mind and embrace synergy of teamwork.


  • Implementation: Our comprehensive implementation service ensures the effective implementation of all our solutions in line with client requirements and expectations; allowing you to reap the benefits of your chosen solution on schedule and effectively.

  • Training: Improve user adoption of new processes, roles, calendars, and change by following a structured training. We help your organization increase understanding and efficiencies of your new solution and processes by leveraging proven training templates and role-based content.

  • Support and Maintenance: Whether a new user just starting out with one of our solutions or an experienced long-term client, our support and maintenance team is here to help with your specific queries and requirements, ensuring that you take full advantage of our value-adding solutions.

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