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Join the Jedox Global Partner Summit 2018 in Cologne

Take off to the Cloud – Jedox Global Partner Summit 2018

It is that time of the year again: From September 16-18 Jedox invites all business partners to one of Germany’s most buzzing cities, Cologne. Techies and sales experts, newbies and long-term partners – all Jedox partners are invited to attend the must attend event of the year. Gain business insights, exchange and pitch ideas to learn from one another and more about everything AI-, BI- and Jedox-related. Take the opportunity to become part of an ultimate knowledge sharing and networking forum: expand your business horizon, make new international contacts, and benefit from shared experiences and expertise.

Regardless your specialization the Jedox Partner Summit offers a variety of keynotes to visit, workshops to join and demos to watch.

No need to only choose one track of the four-lane Jedox-runway of best practices, rather create your own agenda by mixing and matching the sessions to get the most out of the Jedox Partner Summit 2018:

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Agenda 2018

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Pre-Event Training

Jedox Specialist Reporting & Database Training

Date: September 12th – 14th
Location: Jedox Office Frankfurt
Language: English

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09:00 – 10:00Registration
10:00 – 12:00Corporate Keynote: Take Off to the Cloud
Company-, Product- & Partner-Update
Jedox Board
12:00 – 12:45Guest Keynote: Alyssa Fitzpatrick
General Manager Worldwide Partner Sales, Microsoft
Details coming soon
12:45 – 14:15Lunchbreak
Product TrackProcess TrackSales & Marketing Track
14:15 – 15:00Expert Session:
Rules Performance Best Practices

Jiří Junek, Jedox
The flexibility of modelling sophisticated business logic for large data sets is one of Jedox key strengths in the corporate performance management market. In this in depth technical session, you will learn how to optimize the performance of business rules. After a concise introduction of the basic principles of the Jedox rule engine, you will get hands-on tips & tricks in rule writing. Learn about new functionalities and differences of Jedox rules in different versions of the software and how to optimize and migrate rules to always get the best performance for your customers.
Better Together:
The Jedox Partner Program

Markus Brinsa, Jedox
This overview session gives you guidance, how to set up a successful Jedox practice quickly. You get a thorough overview of key processes, tools and practices. This includes, where to find the relevant information, how to perform joined marketing campaigns, collaborate and communicate in sales cycles (salesforce), how to certify and train your consultants, how to work with Jedox support and how to handle other administrative processes. The Q&A section of this interactive session allows to address specific questions individually.
How to Sell Planning Projects to Qlik® Customers
Gerben Schultze, Jedox
Many users of Qlik® are missing planning and write back capabilities in their analytics environment. Jedox strong integration capabilities and Qlik® connectors help to complement Qlik with powerful planning and performance management capabilities. Learn from real live examples how to position and sell Jedox successfully as performance management addition for Qlik® customers to move from data analysis to business acceleration.
15:05 – 15:50Q&A Session:
What’s new in Jedox Integrator 2018

Andreas Froehlich, Jedox
Jedox Integrator is key for the seamless integration of Jedox with ERP-, CRM-Systems, data warehouse environments or BI solutions like Qlik, Tableau or MS Power BI. This session will give you a thorough overview of the latest functionality of Jedox Integrator and available connectors. In the 2nd part an interactive Q&A-session with technical experts will give you the opportunities to address individual questions and receive first hand advise.
Sales/Presales Best Practices:
What to demo, and when

Jochen Heßler, Jedox
Niklas Panzer, Jedox
A spot-on software demonstration is one of the key success factors to win a deal. Learn from our presales experts, how you can use the Jedox “One-Platform” demo-environment to optimize your pitches. Take advantage of best practices proven in 1.000s of software demonstrations. Experience in this hands-on session how the smart combination of pre-build demo content, marketplace models, and customer specific extensions can make the perfect pitch with minimal effort.
Stand out from the crowd:
Competitive Positioning & Beat Sheets

Celine Furnanz, Jedox
Coming soon …
16:00 – 16:45Technical Deep Dive:
Setup and Manage Enterprise Scale Projects
Vladislav Malicevic, Jedox & Marius Davidoiu, Jedox
Over the past few years Jedox’ solution footprint has grown up to 5-digit user count solutions. With this size of implementations topics like advanced installation and configuration setup (multi-servers), performance tuning including hardware configuration and sizing, as well as security configuration like SSO and enterprise authentication integration are getting mission critical. In this session technical & support specialists will share firsthand experience how to setup and run enterprise scale solutions successfully.
Increase Your Success with Jedox Marketplace & Models
Steven Koelemeijer, Celcus & Armin Kröck, Jedox
Historically the CPM Market is separated in solution-vendors offering prebuild solutions and tool-vendors offering flexible platforms. With its marketplace and models Jedox can offer the best of both worlds. Capitalize on real-world lessons learned and learn from the first-hand experiences of a long-term Jedox Partner how the use of Jedox Models shortens sales cycle, increases the chance to win and reduces the implementation effort and risk.
Sales Best Practices:
Sell Jedox Cloud Successfully

Andreas Simon, Jedox
The future of CPM is in the cloud. While most customers are still relying on on-premises solutions, most of them confirm to have a long-term cloud strategy. With its hybrid cloud offering Jedox is perfectly positioned in this situation. In this session you will learn how to sell Jedox cloud and Jedox subscription successfully. Learn how to use the generic cloud advantages, the Jedox product strengths, the Jedox cloud support and pricing options to create the perfect cloud pitch.
16:45 – 17:00Break
17:00 – 17:45Guest Keynote: Chris Boos
CEO arago
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business
19:00Evening Event – Award Ceremony & Party
09:00 – 09:15Welcome and Introduction
09:15 – 10:00Guest Keynote: Chris Moore
SVP Channels & Alliances, Qlik
10:00 – 10:30Break
Product TrackProcess TrackSales & Marketing Track
10:30 – 11:15Artificial Intelligence:
Jedox AIssisted™ Planning

Peter Strohm, Jedox
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most predominant topics in the industry. Learn how Jedox is positioned in this field and how Jedox AIsissted® Planning approach helps you and your customers in a digitalized world. After a brief introduction to artificial Intelligence and how it will impact forecasting, planning and budgeting processes in the future, you will learn what Jedox has to offer and how you can use it in your specific customer opportunities already today.
What Your Customers Expect you to Know About Jedox Cloud

Marius Davidoiu, Jedox
Patrick Heyde, Microsoft
To position Jedox Cloud successfully, it is important that you have clear answers to questions on infrastructure, data governance, security, compliance, certification & business continuity. This session gives you these answers and provides solid overview of cloud operations and cloud support services options. You will learn about roles & responsibilities and standard activities for setting up, onboarding, using, and maintaining the Jedox cloud.
Increase Your Marketing Success with Jedox Campaign Packages
Lena Dierolf, Jedox
Franziska Göttsching, Jedox
“Content is King” is one of the most used sayings in modern online marketing. Jedox is consistently investing in creating new, relevant and exciting content for our target audience. We have bundled this content into campaign packages, which you can use to generate leads and opportunities in your specific markets. Join this session to learn which campaign packages are available and how you can integrate them in your marketing strategy to generate measurable impact. (incl. GDPR)
11:15 – 12:00Build Your own Models for Jedox Marketplace
Chris Mentor, Jedox
You are a Jedox partner with in-depth solution expertise and are interested in building and promoting your own model on Jedox marketplace? This session gives you a complete overview of how the process from initial training, via building and reviewing up to promoting and selling your solution works. Learn about the Jedox Partner Marketplace program to showcase your solution and expertise, generate qualified leads and productize your services.
Consulting Best Practices:
Managing and Delivering Large Projects

Fabian Meuser, Jedox
Liran Edelist, Jedox
There is a significant difference between the introduction of self-service FP&A tools and enterprise-wide CPM implementations. Large implementations require a completely different approach in terms of scoping, management of expectations, project management, customer communication, testing and quality assurance. Learn in this session, how to avoid pitfalls and how collaboration between the implementation partner and Jedox as well as cross-departmental teamwork will make the difference.
How to get Technical Support from Jedox
Cordula Trillhaas, Jedox
Marius Davidiou, Jedox
Due to the increasing complexity of applications and projects, it is becoming more and more important to have efficient and smart support to run projects smoothly. What options do you have as a partner to accelerate these processes and what tools and platforms are available to support you in the best feasible way? In this session, you will learn all about Hot Fixes, Known Issues & Self-Service Support via Knowledge Base. Become an ace in how to best use the support portal and how to write the perfect ticket to speed up a smart support process.
12:00 – 13:30Lunchbreak
13:30 – 15:00Regional Roundtable


Regional Roundtable


Regional Roundtable


Regional Roundtable


15:00 – 15:30Break
15:30 – 16:15Closing Remarks

Post-Event Training

Jedox Add-Ons – Deep Dive

Date: September 19th – 20th
Location: Jedox Office Dusseldorf
Language: English

Jedox Add-On: Regular Expressions & Groovy W13

Jedox Add-On: Macros W31

Jedox Add-On: Rules W14

Jedox Add-On: Widgets W32

2017 Highlights

“Because we’re better together”

A year ago, approximately 200 participants gathered in Hamburg for the 2017 Jedox Global Partner Summit. Partners from all over the world had the opportunity to gain new insights from our executive leadership team, engage in strategic discussions and participate in advanced workshops. Our evening events, the Partner Awards Ceremony and the memorable boat ride at sunset, added to the great experience.

Because we value your ideas and input and strongly believe that growth and success can better be achieved together, we would be delighted to welcome you at the 2018 Jedox Global Partner Summit in Cologne.

Event Location

Wolkenburg Cologne

Mauritiussteinweg 59
50676 Cologne

Show Location

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Jedox Global Partner Summit 2018

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Academy Courses

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September 16th – 18th 2018

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