Keyrus, creator of value in the era of Data and Digital

An international player in consulting and technologies and a specialist in Data and Digital, Keyrus is dedicated to helping enterprises take advantage of the Data and Digital paradigm to enhance their performance, facilitate and accelerate their transformation, and generate new drivers of growth, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, Keyrus is developing a value proposition that is unique in the market and centred around an innovative offering founded upon a combination of three major and convergent areas of expertise:
• Data Intelligence – Data Science – Big Data Analytics – EPM/EPM
• Digital Experience – Innovation & Digital Strategy – Digital Marketing & CRM
• Management & Transformation Consulting – Strategy & Innovation – Performance Management

With more than 15 years of experience in Enterprise Performance Management, Keyrus brings value to your planning project by adopting a flexible approach based on Jedox technology and architecture which are widely acclaimed for their agility. Moreover, Keyrus cross-expertise allows our clients to benefit from Jedox native and transparent connectors capabilities – QlikView for instance – in one global approach.

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