Gruppo Sme.UP

Gruppo Sme.UP is the IT partner that guides you through the digital transformation process with the most suitable Software and Hardware Solutions.
Backed by over 30 years of experience in the management of information processes, Gruppo Sme.UP has over 800 customers worldwide and a steadily growing revenue. Moreover, Gruppo Sme.UP can rely on 400 people, based in eight different offices.
All companies constituting Gruppo Sme.UP combine different skills, with the purpose of providing assistance and support to companies seeking to build integrated, flexible, evolutionary information systems.

Gruppo Sme.UP is constantly growing and has developed its expertise in a vast number cf fields including:

    • Business Management Solutions and ERPs
    • Business Management Solutions and ERPs
    • lnfrastructure and Cloud services
    • Retail Software- Business lntelligence and Enterprise Performance Management
    • Document Management Software
    • Digital and Web Marketing services
    • HR Management Softwares
    • Design and Engineering Softwares (CAD, BIM, PDM, PLM, etc.

Gruppo Sme.UP helps customers to increase their business, through the benefits of the ongoing improvement of IT technologies. During this improvement process Gruppe Sme.UP works with its customers step by step, supporting them from the birth to the implementation of an innovative idea.

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