Cirrus Analytics

Cirrus Analytics is one of the most innovative providers of analytical consultancy services. We are versed in the analytic space focusing in financial planning and sales reporting with a strong presence in very complex industries e.g. Poultry industry with Weekly reporting, bird recording and conversion, and costings.


We work with client needs and are able to fast track Jedox implementation.

We also specialize in integrating Jedox to Odoo ERP Systems.

We have our own financial reporting template which is maintained by Excel mapping.

Google Maps – Clients can visually see their customers performance alongside analytics with interactive colored pins with drill-down to sales details. We can also overlay 3rd party information alongside – e.g. Pharmaceutical sales by chemist, overlay with medical practitioners, hospitals and aged care facilities.


Each of our Consultants possesses three main qualities:

1. Experts in Business Intelligence, data mining methods, tools and techniques.

2. Have an acumen to efficiently assess each business situation in view of their goals and objectives.

3. Able to engage and interact effectively with any team member in the organization including analysts, IT staff, functional managers, executive management and stakeholders.

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