(Jedox topped 12 categories in this year’s BARC Planning Survey. Our new 12-part blog series tells you why “Business Benefits”, “Ease of Use” or “Implementation support” should be on your check list when choosing business software. 7th category: Performance Satisfaction)

Need to Quickly Convert Data to Information

If there’s anything that Google has done in the behavioral realm, it may be establishing the expectation of lightning-fast responses to any question one has in mind. Google and other high-speed engines have made instantaneous response a part of contemporary life, a fact that also applies to business.

Insufficient speed during data queries is one of the primary issues experienced by users in connection with Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions. Poor reaction times combined with constantly increasing volumes of data may significantly impact the performance of BI applications. Consequently, important business potential remains untapped because the cumbersome creation of models, simulations, and reports take up valuable time, resulting in difficulty making rapid, mission-critical decisions.

Addressing the Challenge

Jedox recognized the importance of rapid performance at an early stage, which is why an integrated, multi-dimensional, in-memory OLAP server is at the core of its BI and PM solutions. However, with the OLAP Accelerator, based on innovative GPU (Graphics Processing Units) technology, Jedox goes a step further.

GPUs are co-processors originally developed as graphic cards, but which can be intelligently programmed to make them usable for processor-intensive business applications. Jedox is the first provider of BI and PM software solutions that has pioneered tapping into the power of GPU technology to accelerate complex multidimensional computing tasks. In its GPU Accelerator, Jedox makes use of the computing power of the latest NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs as used in the high-performance computing sector. With these uber-performing GPU components, the already high processing speed of the Jedox in-memory OLAP server can be increased by an additional factor of up to 20x, depending on the data model.

GPU Power for Agile Decision-Making

The result is extremely fast results for agile decision-making. The Jedox platform is built on the Jedox OLAP Server. Unlike traditional relational database systems (RDBMS), this multidimensional, in-memory server crunches numbers at an impressive speed. Due to the high-performance and flexible computing capacity of the server, reports and complex planning scenarios are displayed and processed in real time. This gives organizations an advantage when it comes to accessing and leveraging data.

As Hyper author Greg Steffine noted in a recent interview, “If a company with the ability to quickly convert data to information and then to actionable insight enjoys a significant competitive advantage over those that can’t, we have to be that company. It’s as simple as that.”

What Users Are Saying about Performance

For those involved in business intelligence software selection, among the most important resources are the independent assessments done by the Business Application Research Center (BARC). BARC just released its 2016 Planning Survey, the world’s largest survey of planning software users.

Among those using development-oriented planning solutions (i.e., solutions that allow customers to implement totally individual planning requirements), Jedox ranked number one in terms of performance satisfaction, scoring higher than the peer group average (9.5 vs. 6.8) in that sector and higher than their nearest competitor (9.5 vs. 9.2). Here is BARC’s viewpoint on Jedox’s top-ranking performance in this category:

Jedox is top ranked in two of its peer groups and a leader in the third, leaving many well-known rival products in its wake. […] Jedox’s in-memory multidimensional database is clearly capable of dealing with the data volumes and user numbers its customers typically work with. T
he vendor’s OLAP accelerator technology, using the memory of graphics processing units (GPU) instead of CPU memory, is an interesting option to speed up performance in large-scale scenarios if required.”
(Source: BARC THE Planning Survey 16)

Top-Ranked in Performance Satisfaction

“Fast query responses and the ability of processing huge data volumes were our key requirements. This is where Jedox excelled.“ – Marion Seidenstücker, Head of Central Group Controlling, Vivantes

Nicolas Tesla once observed, “The spread of civilization may be likened to a fire: first, a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power.” As BI tools spread across the business landscape, they too will be every increasingly in speed and power. Those that lead in their development will be on the cutting edge of that revolution.

To see more details on the speed and power of the Jedox platform, you can read the Jedox OLAP Accelerator Factsheet Whitepaper. To download the complete summary of Jedox in the BARC study at no cost, go here.