Jedox R&D team is pleased to announce that the new app version of our Social Analytics App is now available in all App Stores! We have added two great analytics features to get even more out of the Twitter data:

Sentiment analysisJedox Social Analytics Screenshot sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis, marking tweets with positive meaning green and tweets with negative meaning red. You can click directly on this Tweets to see what twitter users have in mind about your product, an event or any other keyword.

TrendlinesJedox Social Analytics Showcase Ttrendlines

The new “Trendlines” section helps you comparing keywords in terms of total number of tweets, number of positive / negative meaning (sentiment) and number of tweets per day. There is a whole new page which presents the most important data in an accurate and consolidated way.

New Jedox 6.0 SR2 Server

With the update Jedox Analytics uses the brand new Jedox 6.0 SR2 Server. You can learn about all the new features and performance upgrades here.

We’ve also added a lot of nice little features, like saved settings or optimized usability with new smart phone OS versions, stability fixes and performance improvements to ensure an even better user experience. And we have a new logo!

The iOS version of our App is now ready to support the new 3D map functionality of Apple Maps! See your Tweets in a 3D view of the world or any supported city and enjoy the wonderful 3D view combined with current Tweets or images in real-time!

Download Social Analytics App

Download the app in Windows Store (Windows Desktop / Windows Phone), Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

en_generic_rgb_wo_45Download Jedox Social Analytics for iOSDownload Jedox Social Analytics for Windows Phone

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Author: Peter Strohm