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  • Transform Excel into a cost-efficient and user-friendly Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution.
  • Manage all planning, analysis and reporting processes in your familiar Office environment with one integrated application.
  • Overcome the Excel spreadsheet chaos.
  • Work efficiently with the intuitive Excel- and web based user interface with minimal IT department input and profit from self-service BI & PM with Jedox.
  • Jedox offers you the lowest TCOs in the industry - benefit from low licensing costs, quick implementation and low personnel expenses.
  • Discover the Easy³ concept and find out why 98.7% of all customers recommend Jedox!

Easy to Start

Learn how the Jedox Excel Add-In gives you access to our full range of high-performance Business Intelligence tools in the familiar Office environment and how our user-friendly software can give you the power to carry out custom planning, analysis and reporting.

See how you can use your existing Excel knowledge to quickly and easily create professional Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications with minimal input from your IT department.

Get quick results

Discover how you can bring a new level of data visualization to your business reports in just a few clicks with Jedox. Our state-of-the-art visualizations and cutting-edge graphics integrate easily into MS PowerPoint and Word, and can be accessible whether you’re on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

In addition, our cost-effective licensing fees, rapid implementation speed and minimal administrative requirements are helping us to top analyst rankings and win awards.

Easy to start
Jedox Excel Basics
Powerpoint & Word Integration
Planning Basics
End-User Modelling
Jedox Web
Jedox Mobile
Easy to Use
Sample: Dashboard & Reports
Sample: Integrated Planning
Sample: Sales Budgeting
Application Design
ETL & System Administration

Easy to Use

Find out how Jedox Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions are helping to streamline business processes and increase efficiency across the industry spectrum.

See the power of Jedox software in action, and read our case studies in the areas of finance, accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, procurement and management.

Jedox in action

Learn how Jedox software can be used to create customized dashboards, tailored sales budgeting solutions, and more.

See how quickly and easily our sophisticated Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions can complement existing IT systems using integrated ETL processes.

Easy to Scale

Find out more about the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the Jedox software licensing model and our array of services. Jedox offers you the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Start using Jedox award-winning Business Intelligence software for free with Jedox Base, or grow your solution with Jedox Premium and get the benefit of advanced Excel, ETL, and Web capabilities.

Leverage implementation, maintenance and support services from our experienced Business Intelligence professionals, or expand your skills through customized training courses provided by the Jedox Academy.

Discover how Jedox Business Intelligence and Performance Management software can be easily, quickly and cost-effectively implemented across your organization.

Find out why over two thirds of our clients have applied our planning, analysis, and reporting software solutions to all of their departments and why 98.7%1 of our clients have said that they would recommend us.

1  (BARC BI Survey 2012)