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Sales controlling

Easier, Better and Faster than the Original

ERP, email, and Excel could be considered a controller's “tools of the trade.” With its flexibility, Excel is the most prominent of these tools, making it easy to edit, analyze and distribute data.  With its familiar clicks, functions and processes, Excel easily adjusts to any new situations or procedures that pop up or to any last-minute edits.

Unfortunately, making changes in Excel often increases cell contents. Not to mention, built-in links and increasing corporate data drag down performance. At this point, cell references and formulas can no longer be changed - not even accidentally during data entry. All of this slows users down - and decreases dependability and flexibility.

Jedox Web

Pic: Solutions with Jedox

Jedoxl to the rescue! Plus, Jedox Web provides lots of functionality - even in your browser. For instance:

  • Users can make dynamic structural changes in the Jedox database, such as adding a new cost center or a new account
  • Automatically update reports without destroying information, formulas, or links in Excel.
  • Instead of one workbook for every reporting month as in Excel, now only one Excel workbook is necessary.
  • No more emailing, collecting, or consolidating workbooks. All your data now refers to a single database.
  • Make adjustments and changes, even while others are entering planning data.
  • No more Excel workbooks referencing different data sources. This feature boosts performance.
  • Jedox files are also smaller than regular Excel files. This improves performance even more.
  • No more size limits for user comments in the database (there is a limit of 256 characters per cell in Excel).
  • Finally, no more awkward situations when stumped by auditors because every data entry and change is documented. This is what we at Jedox call compliance to a “t”!


Sales controlling - You are one click away from the case study of your choice:

Lloyd FondsNeoStrata

"Neo-Strata will profit from monthly forecasts which enable them to optimally plan on product quantities and provide a better understanding of their distributors’ financial targets. At the same time, this should minimize backlogs and facilitate special orders."

Dennis P. Reilly, VP Finance, The NeoStrata Company, Inc.

NeoStrata Inc.

Success Story

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