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Project controlling

Reaching Project Goals on Time and on Budget

Project controlling is an effective tool to ensure that project goals, timeframes, and costs are complied with.

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You need performance indicators to glean information on:

  • Costs and expenses (such as absolute costs, cost variances, hours worked)
  • Extent of completion (e.g., in percent)
  • Time and expense for completion of the project

These parameters must be evaluated for individual projects and groups, yet also broken down for individual project tasks. To this end, you need to map structural plans for the project, plus allocate resources and employees to their individual tasks.
Jedox-based solutions for project controlling let you present relevant management key figures flexibly. They provides the granularity required for the various project structures. Adding various evaluation criteria (such as project leaders for the organizational units involved) to the multidimensional Jedox OLAP database is a snap.

Analyze your projects with functions such as dashboards, project budget plans, or according to cost divergence—and evaluate them in Excel or online.
Gather end user data right in the OLAP database. Now end users can plan projects directly—and create project forecasts or record project status times or expenses in the same system environment.
Leveraging these methods, Jedox provides support along the entire project controlling cycle. This ensures that project goals are reached--on time and on budget.


Project controlling - you are one click away from the success story of your choice:

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