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Procurement controlling

Lowering Costs thanks to Dependable Information

Facing increasing pressure from the competition, companies these days are depending on streamlining costs of production and purchase of their products. Procurement controlling plays an essential role in this process.

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Jedox solutions ensure that all purchasing information on suppliers and purchased goods—and on the procedures they use—can be leveraged for effective analysis, and to create plans and reports. Performance indicators for procurement controlling provide information on:

  • Procurement cost (e.g., cumulative cost, cost per order, cost per purchaser)
  • Supplier quality (e.g., adherence to delivery dates, delays, returns)
  • Inventory (e.g., minimum inventory, reorder level)
  • Key storage figures (e.g., inventory turnover frequency)

Leverage Jedox OLAP server's powerful and highly flexible calculation function to easily create within the software ivisual representations of these and other similar performance indicators. Mining diverse criteria such as products, product groups, suppliers, supplier groups, purchasers or timeframes, the multidimensional OLAP database driving this solution lets you assess control parameters easily and flexibly. Then share these control parameters in meaningful reports, rankings, ABC analysis, benchmarks or ad-hoc assessments--in Excel, online or in mobile reports.

The acknowledgment function of the OLAP server enables flexible planning and prompt forecasting, plus analysis and reporting of key performance indicators.


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