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Planning & Forecasting

Get Simulations and Scenarios in Real-Time; Streamline your planning Cycle Jedox Planning lets users optimize corporate business planning and budgeting processes. With Jedox, they can also optimize the Excel planning process, which helps prevent data and formula confusion. Users can input data and even notes from Excel, web browsers, and tablet PCs. Get a centralized overview of the planning process and status, and insert as many planning steps and managers as you want.

Jedox Planning Screenshot
Pic: Jedox Planning

Jedox Planning lets companies plan tasks, including:

  • Strategic corporate planning
  • Scenario planning
  • Cost center planning
  • Treasury
  • Cash flow planning
  • Production planning
  • Sales and marketing planning
  • Staff allocation and cost planning

The following planning parameters are available: Short-term and long-term, bottom-up / top-down, and driver-based planning.

Refined, Audit-Proof Planning

Thanks to Jedox Planning's central planning and data compiling functionality, planning processes are even audit-proof. This sophisticated application allows users to quickly simulate, calculate, and analyze complex planning configurations (with several dimensions and/or large amounts of planning data), plus plan scenarios, and variations—in near real-time.

  • Jedox Planning lets users comment on individual planning figures and scenarios--on what was entered and/or edited.
  • Users get off to a flying start with Jedox Planning by taking existing Excel reports and building on them. Business departments can create their own modeling completely autonomously.
  • Easily adapt plans with Jedox Planning's powerful modeling functionality. Make changes and adaptations in real-time.
  • Jedox Planning lets users focus on content planning and optimization of key plan parameters. No more wasting time distributing, consolidating, and validating data.  Jedox Planning provides all this--and enables better forecasts and slimmer budgets to boot.



Planning und Forecasting - You are one click away from the case study of your choice:

BSA Ltd. Süddeutscher Verlag BAM Woningbouw

Standard Life Lloyd Fonds Compass

Clariant Dürr Group Nooteboom


"The new solution by Jedox with its Jedox OLAP Server has absolutely convinced us. In particular the short implementation period of less than 8 weeks was outstanding, especially when you consider the scale and the demand of our catalogue of requirements. Not least because of our experience, we also switched our monthly rolling forecast completely over to Jedox."

Michael Hoffmann, Head of Reporting Systems, Clariant International Ltd.

Clariant International Ltd.

Sucess Story

"Our international reporting and the planning of profit centers is now fully automated with Jedox OLAP Server. For the monthly reporting we are now able to retrieve 25,000 key figures from all Business Units within seven minutes, at the touch of a button."

Wilfried Wirkner, Central Controlling, Dürr Systems GmbH

Dürr Systems GmbH

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