The elevation of the digital marketer

Digitalization has transformed the marketing discipline. Data is now essential to marketing success. From classic outbound to social media and inbound, marketing analytics are core to understanding what drives profitable relationships, elevating campaign outcomes, and delighting your customers.

Are your customers more connected than you?

To target campaigns effectively, you must trace the journey of your potential buyers. Marketing data scattered through CRMs, web analytics, and social media, obscures insights on which actions build more profitable relationships with your customers.

Multidimensional marketing insight

Jedox provides a unified platform that empowers direct marketers, brand managers and marketing operations professionals with self-service planning, analytics, and reporting. Jedox unifies data from any internal and external source into one consistent model. Add new data sources on the fly with unique Data-driven Modelling.

Jedox’s analytics-optimized architecture gives you real-time analysis over constantly shifting data. Use social media, data warehouse, and transactional data for a 360-view on each customer or contact. Segment better with drag-and-drop ease to help you identify, monitor and retain your most valuable customers. Because Jedox is easy to use, by starting today you turn the scalability and big-data capabilities into real-time insight for campaign success.

Predict what customers want

Smart Jedox forecasting tools make it easier to demonstrate marketing ROI on every campaign. Assess and quantify how marketing impacts sales outcomes by testing what-if assumptions against forecasts. Minimize risk through scenario simulations and predictive analytics. Use data to steadily close the gap between your internal market position and how your customers perceive you. Build a trusted, repeatable, campaign forecasting process to communicate contribution to your company’s management, build confidence, and demonstrate results.

Market intelligence

Easy data capture from any device mean your business users around the world enter market sentiment, survey responses, leading indicators and competitor information directly into Jedox. The powerful in-memory rules instantly calculate and consolidate KPI’s to dashboards so you analyze and report by country and region. Use this data to forecast over any time-period to inform strategic and operational plans.

Communicate outcomes

Jedox works however you do. You don’t need to learn new tools. Instead use Jedox interactively through MS Office and use your Excel skills to create reports in any format and ad-hoc analyses through the web and any mobile device. Using Jedox, you tailor information in the most immediate and clear way for your audience. When communicating within your marketing team, to sales, customer service, to finance and executives, interactive visualizations tell the story behind the numbers and speak directly to your audience.

Marketing Solutions:

Increase ROMI


Manage essentials

Eliminate manual data preparation and consolidation – focus on insights, not data gathering. Automatically combine CRM, social media, transactional data and data from any other source.


Predict behaviour

Multidimensional and predictive analytics over extreme data volumes to optimize your market segmentation accuracy, improve relevancy, and lift revenue.



Use facts

Capture input from anywhere and complete targeted allocation of resources through KPI analysis to improve decision-making and campaign effectiveness.


Budget efficiently

Increase your ROMI through planning, analysis, and spend management. Target and tailor your campaigns to gather insights from every interaction and take effective follow-up action.


Increase confidence

Manage risk and increase accountability through transparent data and workflow across teams, departments and enterprises.


Invest with a global-leader

More than 100,000 users in over 120 countries rely on Jedox. Bacardi, Canon Vodafone and Unilever trust Jedox. Invest in a solution that makes your marketing smarter.

  • “Jedox has transformed the speed, accuracy and ease that we capture and track KPIs, so we more effectively manage our global marketing campaigns.”
    Kurt Buchleitner, Director of Marketing Efficiency and Segment Analysis, Western Union