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Saving you money from the Get-Go

Jedox customers appreciate our corporate workshops, which explain key features of our software solutions - things you wouldn't have known without our training - before you begin your project. The benefit is fewer conflicts, clearer projects, and more transparent cost structures.

Here's how it works: In a collaborative phase coordinated with the client and typically lasting up to two days, Jedox employees define the project goal. This joint approach identifies the major elements crucial for a successful project and creates a prototype. Project feasibility - not flashiness - is key. In fact, Jedox does not project cost estimates until feasibility has been demonstrated, even providing the necessary software to complete these tasks - free of charge. The client only pays for two person days of consulting.

This approach avoids “pig-in-a-poke” projects, enables straightforward investments, and yields low risk solutions.

Specific technical details of the workshop are based on best-practices relevant to your company. Experience gained from numerous projects over the years yields sample applications, methods, and templates. Specifically, this process examines how to successfully design applications, using Jedox to model typical solutions:

  • Data base design: Indicates important dimensions and dimensional structures and which specific factors will determine success or failure of the project
  • Modeling typical business requirements: Enables planning coherency and currency conversion, defines accounting regulations, deals with time intelligence
  • Report design: Demonstrates how to design optimal reports for easy maintenance and customization
  • Naming and modeling conventions: Creates a consistent system—even across areas with different responsibilities
  • Performance DOs and DON'Ts: Shows users how to compile high-performance models and reports?

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