Don’t just learn from Jedox experts – become one

You get the full benefit of Jedox when you know the functionality inside out, and understand how to use Jedox to solve any problem. Then you can streamline information management on any business processes.

We empower you to own your solution through hands-on, practical training with the Jedox Academy. We provide flexible, dynamic training worldwide, whether through Jedox or one of over 120 international partners. Our experts enable you to manage and develop your BI solution through passing on extensive experience, subject matter expertise and crucial technical skills.

From the very first day of training, we empower attendees of all levels of experience to analyze data independently, immediately bringing the benefits of Jedox to your organization. Jedox Academy transforms users into data experts with our integrated, interactive, and dynamic training approach. Discover the full potential of Jedox now.

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Jedox Business User (Class 150)
Your simple start in fast reporting and analysis with Jedox read more
Jedox Specialist Basic (Class 201)
Smarter Planning. Predictive Analytics. Beautiful Reporting. Know Excel? You can use your skills to immediately to start using Jedox to improve your own reporting, budget and forecasting. Discover the Jedox fundamentals with this Specialist course. read more
Jedox Specialist Advanced (Class 205)
You build on your first day of Specialist training with further depth. With the basic knowledge on creating hierarchies, cubes, capturing data, you know learn how to refine the model and optimize the display and input. read more
Jedox Web Professional (Class 301)
Performance management anywhere. Build on your skills in Jedox to take your planning, analysis and reporting to Jedox Web. This is the perfect course to start if you have Jedox Specialist knowledge and now want to learn how you expand your Jedox Business Intelligence applications with Jedox Web. read more
Jedox ETL Professional (Class 351)
To make decisions based on facts, you need timely and accurate data. Data quality is critical to the success of any Analytics project. Extract, transform and load your data automatically from any sources with Jedox Integrator. This course provides a well-structured entry provides into data integration with Jedox. read more
Jedox Web Expert (Class 401)
Go from Professional to Web Expert. Expand your skills in Jedox Web and learn advanced techniques with this course. read more
Jedox System Administrator (Class 180)
Are you technically administrating Jedox? To learn how to install Jedox and maintain the software efficiently, this course provides administrators the necessary knowledge of the Jedox architecture, administration functions and how it interacts within your corporate IT environment. read more

  • “If you know a solution inside out you will be able to meet any new challenge with enduring creativity. This is what Jedox Academy prepares you for.”
    Marion Seidenstücker, Head of Corporate and Subsidiary Controlling at Vivantes
  • “Jedox Academy has taught us many functions, processes and solution options. Our clients benefit from the acquired knowledge.”
    Oliver Klemm, Managing Director of Jedox partner ABAS
  • “Any user can install Jedox using the setup. But to benefit from the full potential, it is decisive to know the technical detail. Many thanks to the Jedox Academy whose members managed to provide valuable information on essential functions even to long-standing developers and administrators.”
    Alfred Bezler, Software Developer, AKDB