Plan. Build. Deploy.

Jedox consulting guides you through your solution from start to finish. From initial proof-of-concept, to modelling your Jedox solution, through to deployment and regular health checks, we’re here to help you succeed. We’re flexible. We provide on-site training, and work side by side to build your team’s capacity so you can own your solution. Alternatively, we deliver you a turn-key solution. Our consultants work effectively to ensure quick deployment for fast, effective results. By tapping into our consultants’ vast expertise, your team become Jedox experts.

Leading analyst BARC confirms Jedox’s excellence, with the shortest implementation times and highest customer satisfaction. And with a global network of 120 international business partners, you are always supported locally.

Agile Step-by-Step Implementation

We employ an agile staged approach, delivering maximum efficiency and flexibility during your implementation. Each stage represents a single development cycle, consisting of clear-cut goals, requirements, and results. Our approach allows you to make adjustments and realignments at each stage of the project. This flexibility enables us to meet your most complex requirements quickly and effectively from start to finish.

We implement performance management to empower you to improve your business processes. This means by the end of implementation, you have the critical skills and experience to be able to own and extend your own solution.

Strategic workshop

You define your project goals and timeline together with our consultants at a one or two-day workshop. We clarify business outcomes, map critical requirements and project deadlines on the spot, producing a step-by-step plan and estimate, ensuring your confidence in the solution.

Model Design

We design for the overall model, interactively analyzing your need – required outputs, data inputs, and derived calculations.

Source Data

We connect to your existing systems to automatically create and populate your model with real-time data, automatically deriving key figures from the data.

Reports & interfaces

Your end users and our consultants design and create the user interface – the reports, dashboards and planning templates. Together we run tests, evaluating results against requirements. We adjust immediately until we have a result that delivers what you want. Then we set up secure user access.

Formal training

Jedox Academy training provides effective, long-lasting knowledge transfer, empowering your team to build, maintain and enhance your solution, securing your long-term stability.

  • “The swift demonstration of our own Excel application in the Jedox Suite was frankly amazing. Being cautious of letting down our controller workgroup with yet another disappointment we had a second demonstration with the whole team. Needless to say, they had their questions ready: can it do this? Can it do that? And yes, for the most part it could be demonstrated instantly.”
    Korstiaan Rietveld, Financial Controller, BAM Woningbouw
  • “Working with Jedox is very simple and the accounting staff quickly learned to build models ourselves with minimal training and support requirements.”
    Karl Nixon, Chief Financial Officer, BSA Limited
  • “The new solution by Jedox has absolutely convinced us. In particular the short implementation period of less than 8 weeks was outstanding, especially when you consider the scale and the demand of our catalogue of requirements.”
    Michael Hoffmann, Head of Reporting Systems, Clariant International