Worldwide spending on BI will exceed $14 billion this year. BI solutions can eat up IT budgets while their users can’t exploit more than 10% of functionality. Invest wisely: don’t pay for the 90% you won’t use.

We provide an easy-to-scale license model to fit your needs. You decide which functions to use for your planning, reporting and analytics.

Cloud: On-demand, no up-front infrastructure costs. This powerful enterprise-ready cloud solution delivers everything you need with pre-packaged Jedox instances and scalable infrastructure to help you improve analytics and planning today – in the private, public or hybrid cloud.

On-premises:  Jedox fits seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. The licence model depends on your required number of users and offers you high flexibility, transparency and low total cost of ownership.

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Jedox provides unified CPM, BI and Analytics that empowers business users:


  • Jedox OLAP Server
  • Jedox Excel Add-in
  • Jedox Web
  • Jedox Mobile
  • Jedox Integrator (ETL)
  • Jedox Task Manager


  • Ad-hoc analysis
  • Reporting
  • Planning, budgeting, forecasting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data Collection
  • Dashboards

Best-practice / Examples

  • Sample Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Planning Samples
  • Workflow
  • Data Integration


Extend your Jedox solution

  • Jedox OLAP Accelerator
  • SAP Connector
  • Jedox ODBO XMLA
  • Jedox Dev and Test servers
  • Additional viewer licenses

Pricing – FAQ

How does Jedox Cloud licensing work?

The Jedox Cloud licensing model scales easily to fit your company‘s size and business requirements, with simple monthly invoices giving you the flexibility to add users or upgrade to extended functionality as you drive growth. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model means you move towards outcome-based pricing. The flexibility of Jedox’s named user per month subscription provides Jedox cloud users with a transparent and straightforward operational expenditure model that reduces depreciation. BI software as a monthly service reduces initial investment and capital tie-up, and allows for immediate tax reduction.  Starting out from our Basic platform, through to Professional, Enterprise and Performance, Jedox has flexible solutions that scale with your needs.


Our BI experts can help you select the right sizing and packaging. To find the solution for you, contact us by filling out the above form.

How does Jedox On-Premises licensing work?

Our on-premises licensing is straightforward and scalable. You purchase a specific number of user licenses, giving you the complete Jedox Solution.

Which software modules require additional licenses?

The license applies to the entire software suite. You get our unified solution with one easy license. You can purchase selected functions, like our GPU OLAP Accelerator and SAP integration separately. If you use Jedox Cloud, these features are already included in our SaaS-offering and don’t need to be purchased separately (depends on selected sizing).

How does maintenance and support work?

Jedox Cloud users receive comprehensive technical support and maintenance work, both included in their monthly cloud fee. Jedox cloud also automatically provides updates, so you always work with the latest capabilities.

For Jedox on-premises users, annual maintenance is 20% of your license fee, and covers all updates, including major releases.