Less data processing, more data insights

Profit and loss is more than just a cornerstone of annual reports. When updated continually, it also provides essential insights for monitoring and managing business performance throughout the year. If that sounds like a far-off dream, think again. Jedox provides the kick-start you need to professionalize your P&L planning. You’ll profit from more data insights and less data processing. Best of all, you see results – fast.


The fast path to success

Forget error-prone spreadsheets and time-consuming reporting processes. Jedox Profit & Loss shows your current financial situation at any time and provides a solid foundation for decision-making and corrective actions. This prebuilt model combines the familiar Excel environment with powerful Business Intelligence and CPM technology. BI installations that start from scratch cost time and money. Jedox Profit & Loss ensures fast project results at a low risk. It combines vast project and industry experience into prebuilt content, including:

  • Preconfigured standard reports
  • Smart business rules (e.g. currency conversions)
  • Structured in-memory database with write-back capabilities

Stay flexible

The business world never stands still. Adapt the application flexibly to your company’s changing requirements. No programming skills are required. Jedox Profit & Loss supports companies of all industries and sizes. The software is simple to deploy and use – in the cloud or on premises. Its offers rich functionality for analyzing actuals and budget data for mid-term planning, budgeting and forecasting. The preconfigured model automatically calculates KPIs and generates P&L or profit appropriation statements.

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Scope of delivery: Jedox Profit & Loss



  • Actuals (cumulated and monthly views)
  • Budget (annual or monthly values)
  • Forecast (annual or monthly values)
  • Mid-term planning
  • Time series
  • P&L by company

Business Logic

  • Actuals displayed in the forecast
  • KPI calculations (depending on the version)
  • Past year’s values displayed for budget-actual comparisons
  • Currency conversions: configurable for multiple base and target currencies
  • Integration of detailed budgets (e.g. sales planning); optional
  • Semi-additive KPI
  • Integration with Jedox Cost Center; optional


  • OLAP database with P&L cube (dimensions: version, month, company, currency, P&L chart of accounts)
  • Time dimension: cumulated view, rest (year to go), deviating fiscal year (up to four special periods)


  • ETL interface to current exchange rates (ECB)
  • Batch processing from the OLAP database
  • Optional adapters to further Jedox models

Sample Data

  • IFRS chart of accounts
  • German GAAP chart of accounts (HGB; cost of sales and total sales methods)
  • Company structures (company, local currency)


Why wait? Get started now.

The Jedox Profit and Loss model is the easy, low-risk way to kick-start your project. Best of all, you can get started with no additional costs – in the cloud or on-premises.

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