What is your company costing you?

Cost center planning is an important process for controlling expenses across the enterprise. It provides a detailed look at how much the companies, divisions, departments and teams in an organization cost in terms of personnel, materials, accrued depreciation, etc. Planning the numerous cost centers across an organization is often a complex, drawn-out process. Jedox Cost Center provides the kick-start you need to streamline and simplify it every step of the way. It orchestrates the vast work involved – from drafting and submitting realistic numbers, to coordinating and documenting various budget rounds, and consolidating the final budget data. Managers can then use this data to identify variances to actual costs and launch timely counteractions throughout the year.


The smart way to plan costs

Jedox Cost Center takes your cost center planning to a whole new level. All planners enter their budget numbers through an intuitive Web screen. Behind the scenes, the numbers are automatically aggregated in a central multidimensional database. Powerful workflow components show the current approval status at any time and eliminate time-consuming status questions once and for all. Jedox Cost Center ensures consistent processes across all departments through:

  • Standardized Web screens for data entry
  • Preconfigured reports for actuals, budget, forecast and mid-term planning
  • Clear approval processes and granular workflow

The model comes with sample cost center and cost type structures that you can adapt to your company’s needs with just a few clicks. No programming skills are necessary. Built-in best practices ensure a fast start to your project. You can use Jedox Cost Center in the cloud or deploy it on premises.

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Scope of delivery: Jedox Cost Center



  • Actuals (cumulated and monthly views)
  • Budget (annual or monthly values)
  • Forecast (annual or monthly values)
  • Mid-term planning
  • Time series
  • Data entry templates
  • Administrator report (workflow)

Business Logic

  • Actuals displayed in the forecast
  • KPI calculations (depending on the version)
  • Past year’s values displayed for budget-actual comparisons
  • Currency conversions: configurable for multiple base and target currencies
  • Integration of detailed budgets (e.g. HR planning); optional
  • Semi-additive KPIs


  • OLAP database with cost center cube (dimensions: version, month, company, cost center, currency, cost type)
  • Time dimension: cumulated view, rest (year to go), deviating fiscal year (up to four special periods)


  • Approval workflow with history, time stamp and summary for administrators
  • ETL interface to current exchange rates (ECB)
  • Batch processing from the OLAP database

Sample Data

  • Cost center hierarchies
  • Functional area hierarchies
  • Cost type hierarchies


Why wait? Get started now.

The Jedox Cost Center model is the easy, low-risk way to kick-start your project. Best of all, you can get started with no additional costs – in the cloud or on-premises.

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