Jedox Models – Planning made simple

Jedox Models are prebuilt components for building integrated planning, analysis and reporting processes. Instead of designing individual planning modules by scratch and trying to link them together, you simply customize them to your business requirements. This reduces risks and saves time in implementing planning solutions. Jedox Models combine decades of hands-on project experience and best practices with state-of-the-art technology. Business users can easily configure Jedox using intuitive planning templates and workflows.

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Benefits for your business

Fast project implementation:
Why build reports or planning models from scratch? Kick-start your project with Jedox Models.
More accurate planning through better collaboration:
Jedox Models help you work more effectively with planners in Sales, HR and Logistics. You profit from more accurate results.
Simplify planning:
Preconfigured reports, workflows and business rules save valuable time throughout the planning process.
Be flexible:
Adapt the planning model to your company and its changing requirements.
Well-founded decisions and optimized performance management:
Make informed business decisions and drive business performance with a better understanding of risks and opportunities.
Reduce project risk with reliable models:
Jedox models utilize trusted industry methods for planning P&L, Cost Center, Sales, and Human Resources. This helps ensure your planning project is a success.
Avoid beginner’s mistakes and set your sights on scalability:
Avoid time-consuming loops. Jedox Models use tried-and-tested modelling techniques to ensure fast results. You can add and integrate further modules to easily grow your planning application..
Self-service solution:
Use your existing Excel skills and the intuitive Jedox Web interface to flexibly adjust the planning application on your own. No programming, external consultants, or IT specialists are necessary.


Cost Center

The Jedox Cost Center model simplifies the entire planning process. Planners enter their data in a Web-based screen and can view relevant information for their roles at any time. Jedox Cost Center has a familiar Excel-like user interface that is backed by a powerful database. This ensures consistent numbers, strong acceptance and optimal collaboration among finance, HR, administration, marketing, logistics and other teams. The model comes with sample cost center and cost type structures that you can adapt to your company’s needs with just a few clicks.

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Profit and Loss

Forget error-prone spreadsheets and time-consuming manual reporting processes: Jedox Profit & Loss shows your current financial situation at any time and provides a solid foundation for decision-making and corrective actions. Harmonize current P&L statements with previous versions as the basis for P&L planning. Identify the effects of business strategies at an early stage and react in a timely manner. Publish data input screens to streamline the collection of budget data via the Web or a mobile device. To further simplify budgeting and forecasting, you can deploy this model using your last mid-term plan, budget or forecast.

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Human Resources

Jedox HR provides the kick-start you need to optimize your workforce structures, costs and productivity. It professionalizes your personnel planning by safeguarding sensitive data, automating manual processes, and tracking the multiple budget versions along the way. You’ll gain a clear view of your workforce – across the enterprise and down to the details – while saving a great deal of time and money in the process. The Jedox HR model helps you plan the requirements of today’s dynamic work world so your company can focus on the goals ahead.

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The Jedox Sales model delivers the information you need to understand your customers and sell more effectively. You’ll gain a complete view of your current performance and new insights to drive sales across the organization. Jedox simplifies the way you plan, analyze and report sales data to create a complete, 360-degree view of your sales activities. Use its built-in capabilities to collect budget data through intuitive data entry screens and compare planned performance to actual sales. Test multiple scenarios to respond quickly and effectively to today’s dynamic markets.

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