Welcome to the new Jedox Marketplace. This is where you find the new Jedox Models – prebuilt, configurable planning applications – as well as demos and dashboards. The Marketplace is the home of best-practice templates for Jedox users that can be configured for individual business needs to build integrated planning applications faster and with more ease than ever before. Jedox and its partners provide a growing portfolio of these prebuilt applications to empower the Jedox community at a push of a button – Simplified planning at the next level.


Experience the Power of Jedox 7 in 3 simple steps


1. Go to Jedox Marketplace

Open Jedox Web and select “Marketplace” from the Jedox software homescreen or in the navigation menu. Not a Jedox customer yet? – Start you free trial!


2. Select and Install the Model

On the Marketplace you find Jedox Models, demos and sample dashboards. To see a detailed description and screenshots simply click on the icons. To install the Model click on “install” and accept the terms & conditions.


3. Open the Model and Explore

Now open the Model and explore the large selection of pre-defined reports. Following the same simple steps you can also install a sample dashboard that works seamlessly with the Model. It’s that quick to get started in Jedox.

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