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Jedox Cloud gives you the power of Jedox anywhere. Our core competencies are business intelligence and performance management – it’s what we do, and it’s all we do. With the Jedox Cloud, you have enterprise reporting and planning capability in minutes. To get the most from Jedox Cloud, you can start with our free manuals and knowledge base, by attending training at our Jedox Academy, or through our dedicated experts and certified partners who are committed to helping you with quality and tailored support, available in most countries.

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Jedox Cloud Solution


We look after the infrastructure, you create new insights

Jedox Cloud provides you with fast and complete Business Intelligence and Performance Management. Within the Jedox Cloud you can enjoy full Jedox functionality on-demand, with zero hardware costs. Start turning your data into valuable corporate insights right now. Reduce barriers when implementing Business Intelligence in your company: No hardware, no software downloads, no facilities, no setup and configuration – just one Jedox cloud for your planning, analysis and reporting.

A robust and secure platform (ISO:9001 and ISO:27001 certified) for flexible business intelligence on-demand.

High performance analytics and planning: Jedox Cloud is optimized for speed and scalability.

Ready today: Jedox Cloud enables you to immediately improve corporate consolidations, reporting and enterprise-wide budgeting – live from Excel, the Web and Mobile.

Your turnkey BI-solution: Full IT enterprise management capability, including infrastructure, systems administration, single sign-on, network management, and connectivity to your corporate data sources, all in one place.

Cost-effective: No upfront investment in server hardware and an easy-to-scale solution gives you the flexibility to grow as you need.

Always relevant: Jedox Cloud is automatically upgradable so you benefit from the newest innovations.

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Self-Service redefined


Step 1: Start with this video showing you important features and functions of Jedox Cloud.

Step 2: Next, learn how easy it is to set up your Jedox Cloud (Trial) Instance.

Step 3: Finally, discover how to connect the Jedox Excel Add-in to your Jedox Cloud instance.