Jedox optimizes planning, analytics, dashboards and reporting with one unified solution for BI and CPM. The solution combines the highly scalable Jedox analytics engine with a consistent experience across all devices that is designed to empower business users.


Jedox Architektur


Jedox OLAP Server

The Jedox OLAP server provides you with a highly-scalable analytical appliance that delivers real-time performance over volatile enterprise data. The engine enables complex planning and forecasting with in-memory rules modelling, predictive analytics with powerful statistical heuristics and instant consolidations and reporting over large multi-dimensional datasets. All changes are logged for audit and compliance. The event-driven engine Supervision Server gives you unlimited control over managing any type of user interaction.

High-availability The self-tuning engine supports high availability and highly efficient multi-core optimization, enabling consistent high performance in physical, virtual and cloud environments that scales for 1000s of users. The Jedox in-memory algorithms compress tabular data by 25 times. The unified dimensional model manages corporate metadata, incorporating both master data from corporate repositories and enabling end-user metadata to be automatically shared across reports and planning scenarios.

Enterprise Security The engine controls permission management with stringent and secure access rights for users, groups, and roles. The analytics supports SSO with Active Directory and LDAP on Linux and Windows. Learn more

Jedox Excel Add-in – New Insight, same environment

Starting with Excel, the Jedox Excel Add-in gives you full Business Intelligence and Performance Management ability from data modeling to ad-hoc analyses, reporting, and planning. If you know Excel, you’ll love Jedox. You can seamlessly present Jedox data and visualizations through the Jedox Word and Powerpoint add-ins.

You can take any data source with one-click and convert Excel data to online Jedox models, giving you full flexibility to transform your business processes and start collaborating in seconds. You have access to a rich set of corporate performance management functionality, including Top Down and Bottom Up planning methodologies, predictive analytics, writeback and commentary. You create interactive reports and planning templates live from Excel, and with one click, publish your reports to Jedox web. Learn more

Jedox Web – Insight anywhere

Jedox Web provides zero-footprint planning, analysis, and reporting applications in one intuitive web interface. Jedox web gives you a user friendly front end that is consistent with Jedox Office so you can use your Excel skills to bring the power of data to every member of your organization. Jedox Web is compatible with all modern browsers, and single-sign-on means you use standalone seamlessly within existing content management systems and corporate intranets. Jedox Web provides full application management, task scheduling, data modelling, and automated report distribution. Jedox Web gives you the power to share, collaborate, and enter data and self-service dashboards and reports anywhere. Learn more

Jedox Mobile – Insight now

Jedox Mobile provides self-service insight for anyone from any data, with Dashboards, Reports, Ad-hoc analysis and planning and writeback. Real-time data, transforms your smart phone or tablet into a productive BI & PM tool. Jedox Mobile includes native applications you can use across mobile platforms and Jedox Business-Driven Intelligence means business users leverage Excel skills to design and deploy build custom mobile intelligence over secure, consistent and structured data. Learn more

Jedox Integrator (ETL) – Extract. Transform. Load

The powerful integrator enables you to efficiently connect your most divergent data sources with Jedox. The Integrator includes full Extraction, Transformation, and Load capability. All integrations projects automatically visualize the data lineage to support data audits and master data management. Jedox Integrator includes a wide array of built-in wizard-based transforms to facilitate rapid setup and integration, and supports a rich set of languages, such as the statistical language R, for maximum flexibility in complex data environments. You can schedule automated and parallel data imports and exports with the integrated task manager. Learn more

Jedox SAP Connector – BW. R/3. ECC6.

The optional Jedox SAP connector enables quick and simple connection of Netweaver-based SAP systems, applying your security settings automatically, allowing fast and secure SAP ERP and SAP Business Warehouse integration with your solution. Learn more

Direct interface to your downstream systems

With built-in connectors to a broad array of data formats and databases in the cloud or onsite, you can easily integrate any number of JDBC and ODBC-enabled databases, flat files, SOAP web services, ERPs and CRMs. See example source systems here. Learn more

Jedox GPU Accelerator

The Jedox GPU Accelerator, recognized by Gartner with the ‘Cool Vendor’ award, provides an optional extension to the Jedox OLAP Server by leverging computing power of server-based NVIDIA Tesla graphic cards in parallel GPU processing, outstripping conventional CPU technology and providing consistent scalable performance over extreme data modelling scenarios. Learn more


Jedox includes an industry-standard ODBO provider enabling Jedox in-memory data to be accessed securely by through any XMLA/ODBO-compliant client from other Business Intelligence tools.