BI & CPM – A unified 360° view of your business

Jedox empowers you to analyze historical data for meaningful insight, and to plan and forecast intelligently. Learn how Jedox unifies Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Analytics.

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Jedox Self-Service BI


Jedox Data Circulation

Self-Service with Excel PLUS – Make your life easier

Jedox redefines simplicity and speed for business users. Beyond data discovery, Jedox’s intuitive write-back streamlines any business process where you capture, calculate and present data. Learn how Jedox leverages the familiarity of Microsoft Office to enable Business-Driven Intelligence.

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Innovation – High speed analytics, mobility, and cloud

With the world’s top analysts naming Jedox the industry-leading innovator, Jedox provides the most advanced functionality, from extraordinary interactive dashboards on any device, unique GPU big-data acceleration technology, to the Cloud. Learn how Jedox is enabling new styles of predictive analytics and collaboration.

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Jedox Innovationen


Jedox TCO

Total Cost of Ownership – Deliver more value for less

With a flexible licensing model, fast implementation, and low internal maintenance costs, independent global BI surveys confirm that Jedox provides the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn how Jedox delivers ongoing payback and frees up IT resources.

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Jedox Cloud
Start today

The Jedox Cloud provides a secure Cloud platform for analytics on-demand, available today, without upfront hardware cost.
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High-performance in-memory technology

Jedox combines the highly-scalable analytics engine with a consistent experience across all devices, designed to empower business users through Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Web and mobile.
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System requirements
Secure integration with your IT environment

On-premise Jedox provide highly flexible deployment options across hardware and Windows and Linux operating systems.
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See Jedox in action

Learn how Jedox Excel gives you the power to carry out custom planning, analysis and reporting.

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