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Jedox Documentation

Quickstart with Jedox
Quickstart with Jedox Excel Add-In 5.1 05-Jun-2014 Download
Quickstart with Jedox Web 5.1 05-Jun-2014 Download


First steps with Jedox
First steps with Jedox for Excel 5.1 SR1 - Manual 04-Jun-2014 Download
What´s new in Jedox 5.1 SR2 - Manual 04-Aug-2014 Download
First steps with Jedox Web 5.1 SR2 - Manual 08-Sep-2014 Download
First steps with Jedox ETL 5.1 SR2 - Manual 04-Aug-2014 Download


Jedox - advanced topics
Jedox Admin Guide 5.1 SR2 - Manual 12-Sep-2014 Download
Jedox 3rd Party Software 5.1 - Manual 30-Apr-2014 Download
Jedox SAP Connector 5.1 - Manual 04-Jun-2014 Download


Jedox - Installation / Setup
Jedox Setup Guide 5.1 - Manual 28-May-2014 Download
Jedox 5.0: List of installed files on Windows 15-Jul-2013 Download


Jedox - Platform / Support
Jedox Platform / Support Guide 5.1 - Manual 15-Sep-2014 Download


Jedox - Mobile Guide
Jedox Mobile Guide - Manual 27-Aug-2012 Download


Other manuals
Jedox OLAP Accelerator 5.1 Factsheet  28-Apr-2014 Download
BARC Whitepaper usage scenarios for GPU technology  10-Oct-2012 Download
Jedox OLAP Accelerator GPU Whitepaper  10-Oct-2012 Download


Jedox Documentation Archive


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