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Jedox - plan,analyse,report

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Jedox Base Jedox Premium

Jedox Premium | More Info All-in-One-Setup Windows (340 MB)

Jedox Base Windows | More Info (83 MB)


More Downloads

Jedox (Linux), Jedox OLAP 64 Bit Linux Pack, Jedox SDK, Jedox Sandbox, Jedox Mobile Server 2.0

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Jedox Software Archive

All Jedox Software Archive-Downloads

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Jedox Whitepaper

Download up to date whitepapers on different trends of the Business Intelligence sector.

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Jedox Factsheets

Jedox Factsheets: Jedox OLAP, Jedox Excel Add-In, Jedox Web, Jedox GPU Accelerator, Jedox ETL, Jedox SAP Connector, Jedox Mobile,

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Jedox Documentation

First steps with Jedox, download section.

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Jedox Documentation Archive

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Jedox Manuals

First steps with Jedox. Here you will find documentations and manuals on Jedox to help you get started.

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