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Taking Self-Service BI to the Next Level

Self-Service Business Intelligence Analytics & Performance Management

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Go from Excel to anywhere in one-click with Jedox data-driven modelling, more flexible new planning features, and powerful predictive analytics with R-integration. Learn how Excel users become Business Intelligence experts with Jedox 5.1!

Data-driven Modelling

This is self-service. First, you start with your existing data in Excel. With just one mouse click, Jedox 5.1 converts your Excel workbooks into multi-dimensional OLAP data cubes. You can now immediately report, plan and collaborate across your organization. This works by automatically generating a sophisticated load (ETL) script to read your data from Excel. The result is you can instantly take any Excel data and immediately use this live through Jedox anywhere.

Extended planning

We’ve combined powerful new features to make it even easier to combine your future-oriented forecasts and plans with systematic analysis of historical data. The result is, you’re empowered with a 360-degree view of your organization.

1. Cell locking Flexible planning scenarios

Splashing is now even more flexible: lock or unlock individual cells or entire planning areas. Hold data constant while planning with sophisticated top-down and bottom-up methodologies.

For example, increase your annual sales by 10% across all products, while holding January and February constant. In Jedox 5.1, you select the cells and cell-locking freezes them.

2. Data validation lists Exact and consistent data entry

Use data validation to control data input into any cell. Prevent invalid data entry and streamline your planning and data capture with customizing messages and alerts.

For example, define the allowed values for a cell, like allocation cost centers. Then use data-validation to generate a drop-down selection of values based on a dynamic Jedox subset.

3. Splashing Wizard Fast planning for Jedox newcomers

Planners love Jedox splashing and now it is even easier. Trigger the enhanced splashing wizard from the menu or any cell. Type even half a splashing command and the wizard intelligently enables you to complete the task.

4. Commit & Rollback Your complete audit log

Commit your changes to the server with one-click. Log all changes in a simple and comprehensive manner – very useful when multiple people are working on the same plan.

Predictive Analytics & R-integration

See the future!

Jedox 5.1 introduces powerful new analytics functions. With the powerful R statistic engine you can perform advanced data analyses across highly volatile and rapidly changing data. This provides a whole new class of analytic applications within Jedox.

1. Predictive Analytics

Jedox 5.1 offers new predictive functions for agile business decision-making.

For example, simple use “predict” to calculate your sales forecast for 2015 across products, regions, and months with the desired linear regression on the past three years, and project this forward in Jedox in real-time.

2. R-Integration in Jedox ETL

Jedox 5.1 integrates R, so you can use one of the world’s most powerful statistic engines to predict trends and detect patterns in your data. Leverage the knowledge from the user community of over 2 million.

Now use statistical test methods, time-series and cluster analyses, text mining or linear or nonlinear modelling for everything from customer classification to risk profiling.

More new features

You spoke. We listened.

Jedox 5.1 combines the practical experience and feedback from over 10,000 Jedox users world-wide. The result: over 50 new enhancements and optimizations across the entire Jedox Suite from a completely redesigned ETL manager with streamlined loads, to robust database security with multi-tenancy. Here’s a taste:

1. High-Performance BI with Jedox 5.1 GPU extension & multi-core calculations

Jedox’s advanced in-memory analytics with GPU processors was recognized by Gartner’s 'Cool Vendor' award. Jedox 5.1 takes this innovation further - we’ve enhanced the memory performance of Jedox GPU by 100% for planning over extreme data scenarios.

2. New chart options

All graphs in Jedox Web can be now linked and you can easily pass parameters back to further filter data or to another report from any type of chart. Customize any part of a dynamic chart in a single context-sensitive dialog. With one click, you can print dynamic charts and widgets as PDF and e-mail them.

3. More flexible design

With Jedox 5.1, it’s even more convenient to easily adjust reports to your own layout and corporate standards. You can control the color and fonts of report elements, such as buttons or combo boxes. The new 'Color Picker' enables you to pick user-defined color values for all elements and saves the last colors for easy reuse. You can also use formulas to dynamically control chart properties, e.g. scaling in SUCCESS charts.

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