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» Freiburg, Germany, February 25th

Jedox targets more business improvement in 2013

Jedox International Channel Vice President, Mike Fritz, talks about the company’s plans for 2013 and how it intends to build on a successful 2012.

Q: Mike, what are Jedox’s goals for the year ahead?
A: Well, looking back at 2012, a major achievement was the performance of our non-core markets and building on this growth is a key focus for 2013. Traditionally, we have been focused on Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria, but in recent years we’ve worked hard to expand globally and, in 2012, our international channel accounted for almost 40% of our software revenue.

Q: How does that compare with previous years?
A: Three years ago, the international channel made only a minimal contribution to software revenue, so its performance in 2012 is a fantastic achievement. We’ve made great strides in just a few years.

Q: Where has Jedox’s international channel growth been focused?
A: Latin America and Asia-Pacific are key growth areas. We now have eight partners in six countries in Latin America, giving us a presence in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Chile and Ecuador. In Asia-Pacific, we’ve rolled out our presence in collaboration with a number of partners, including Naked Data. We’re active in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Australia.

Q: So, partners are playing a key role in Jedox’s expansion?
A: Yes, absolutely. What we’ve achieved in Mexico and how we’ve achieved it is a blueprint for our plans to expand in other parts of the world. The Jedox Roadshow has been pivotal to our success in Mexico: it has generated interest from partners, who have engaged with us and started to sell our software. They’ve performed very well and we’re keen to nurture this growth and use it as a model elsewhere in the international channel.

Q: When you say “other parts of the world”, can you be more specific?
A: Certainly. As well as looking for high-quality partners to further develop our presence in regions such as Latin America and Asia-Pacific, we’re also targeting growth in Scandinavia and North America. We believe that Norway and Sweden in particular offer potential for building our portfolio of high-quality European partners and we feel the time is right to move into North America – we’re planning to take the Jedox Roadshow across the USA and Canada in 2013.

Mike Fritz is the International Channel Vice President at Jedox and can be contacted at mike.fritz@jedox.com.


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