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» Freiburg, Germany, February 25th

Jedox goes from strength to strength in Latin America

Elvia Najera, Jedox’s Channel Coordinator in Latin America, talks about the company’s growth in the region.

Q: Elvia, tell us about Jedox’s growth in Latin America in 2012.
A: We made great progress in the region last year. First and foremost, we added five new partners, expanding our regional partner network to eight partners in total. We now have partners in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina.

Q: That’s impressive growth. How has it been achieved?
A: The Jedox Roadshow has played a key role. In 2012, we took the roadshow to more cities in the region, visiting new places and following up on previous events. We visited São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre in Brazil; Buenos Aires in Argentina; and Monterrey and Mexico City in Mexico. We held three events in Mexico City.

Q: What was the response to the roadshows?
A: It was very positive. There was a significant increase in the downloading of our software. Firms from the gas and oil, mining, shipping, retail, insurance and banking industries all showed interest in the Jedox suite, as did the government sector and universities. The interest underlines how our technology can be applied across the business spectrum, from SMEs and public sector offices and institutions to major corporations.

Q: What were the highlights from 2012 for you?
A: There were many, but we performed particularly well in Mexico. As well as the roadshows, we also expanded our local training activity in the country and welcomed a new partner, Quality and Performance IT (QPIT).

Q: Tell us more about QPIT.
A: QPIT is our first Mexican partner and is based in Toluca, close to Mexico City. It specialises in business intelligence, database administration and application servers and now offers Jedox products, consulting and support. Its client base includes companies from the banking and construction industries and the government and university sectors.

Q: So, what are your plans for 2013?
A: More growth! We plan to build on our success in 2013 and further develop our regional partner network. I think our experience in Mexico will be central to how we approach this next stage in our development. It will be a blueprint for our expansion, both regionally and further afield.
Elvia Najera is the Latin America Channel Coordinator at Jedox and can be contacted at elvia.najera@jedox.com.


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